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that I'm more active on tumblr if anyone's wondering why I don't post here as often

here's the link:
  • Listening to: Mad Max soundtracks
Hope you guys have an okay day of this time of spooks!
  • Listening to: Mad Max soundtracks
Probably gonna be hanging mostly in tumblr for a while. I mean I still drop by here just not as much, because there's not much happening here, know what I'm sayin'? I'll still read the messages (if there are any, some feedback would be nice) here, and fave a few things, and put some stuff up here, but ye that's pretty much it.

I guess this is kind of an update? Never really saw the purpose of those unless people are actively following you.
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Feeling a little rusty, but only gonna be able to do 3, so ye I'll just take a pick if anyone's interested.
taking a few for now, so give me a variety~!
cuz you know I gots one too~

and it's mostly for my artsy fartsy stuff

I hang around there more often these days

just putting it out there~
I want to try to do commissions to see how it'll go. Also serves as good practice for me.
If you want to add extra stuff to it like extra characters, and a specific background you can note me if you want it in a way based on these examples, or something different.
I'm fine with nudity, but no erotic themes.

Sketches: $5.00
 [ST] Yutka by VertigheistCrisis alert by VertigheistGame Pair by Vertigheist

Uncolored: $10.00

Operation Harvest by Vertigheist Hafro by Vertigheist Deep with Lumentice by Vertigheist Swordsman Sue by Vertigheist

Colored: $20.00

  [AT] Jesturrrbot by Vertigheist [AT] Ballistics by Vertigheist Under the Heat by Vertigheist Thelycos: Witch of Bone by Vertigheist Carmen: Witch of Viscera by Vertigheist Dragdown by Vertigheist
Watched it with some friends, it was great! One of them cried lol.
School's over, and I can finally ease up a bit!

Now back to drawing butts!
One more day, and the sweet release of de- I mean freedom will come for me like a worrying mother looking for long lost her son in the midst of a valley filled with eldritch beings~!

So... maybe I'll try doing commissions afterwards?
Like are you guys into art that are neon with bright colors, or are you into stuff with thick shadows, outlines, etc. Honestly I can't name every style I've seen around, but I'm crazy for stuff that use crosshatching for almost everything.
I play some monster hunter specifically the "4U" kind, and I was wondering if any of you guys wanna party up some time, eh? It's lonely to hunt alone (mostly frustrating because they throw two monsters for you to fight at once. I mean it's doable, but who wants to do that shit alone?), but yeah hit me up in the game, and let's kill some stuff. :V

Watch as I shamelessly put out my friend code: 0662-4208-5453
Well, mostly school, and junk really. I'm loving my Z-brush class though.

Anywho spent most of the day drawing black guys (because I need more guy characters) since I've never really done them before before. It was a fun experience, but I'm still trying to nail it the way I want it to look. Been staring at pictures of Idris Elba for far too long though, need a break. Those eyes of his pierce like a rapier I tell you what. 
If you guys would like could you give me some~
Always have room for improvement. ALWAYS.

Also happy valentines day too!
Yooo! This thing's fun maaan!
Maybe it's just me be being excited for animation class?
Just tried it, and it's everything I could ever ask for from a Monster Hunter game. Non-stop craziness, and action! 
I made the mistake of looking up "Lamprey Mouth Photoshops", because I'm a curious George, and now I feel like stuff are crawling all over me. Oh god that was a horrible mistake.
You know, if you just feel like posting shit.
It feels weird since I'm usually working on a small screen when I'm doing stuff.